About Us

Everyone trusts products and services from well-known brands, whatever level they operate at (Waitrose – Aldi or Ferrari – VW or McDonalds – Greggs etc.). We recognise the value for money and consistency that these brands offer. By adhering to a set of standards, quality of product and service delivery is guaranteed. In turn, longevity and proliferation is achieved by service providers and manufacturers.

When it comes to domestic construction and building projects, we have to rely on ‘word of mouth’ referrals, which sometimes might seem like a coin toss as to what kind of outcome will be achieved. As the current economic and political climate changes in ways nobody can predict, we believe that the industry needs to change.

Igloo Construction Ltd. has set higher standards to adhere to in order to provide a comprehensive service for all your domestic construction needs. From room extensions for a growing family to adaptations for a change in circumstance, we will fulfill and exceed your requirements and expectations from start to end.
We plan to bring back trust, reliability and integrity to the industry. Quality and competitive prices will be the hallmark that makes us a brand you can trust.

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